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Here are some EdgeManage Frequently Asked Question... (and answers!)

EdgeManage says to close Edge, but Edge is not running!
The latest version of Edge has some background processes that lock the Edge database while they are running. So, even though it looks like you're not running Edge (it's not in the task bar), it really is still running. These background tasks usually don't take very long (so you could just wait), but launching Edge and then closing seems to flush them out.
Note: This issue has been alleviated starting with EdgeManage v2.1.4
I get a message saying that it can't open the database...something about a missing definition for a column
Microsoft periodically makes changes to the Edge database, so just update EdgeManage to the latest version
How do I get rid of duplicate folders
There currently isn't an automatic method of consolidating duplicate folders. So, you just have to clean up the mess "by hand".
  1. Start EdgeManage as usual
  2. Pick one of the duplicate folders to be the "keeper"
  3. Using multiple selection, move the all of contents of the other folders to the "keeper" folder in one operation
  4. Delete the other duplicate folders
  5. lather, rinse, repeat until all of the duplicates are gone
  6. Save the Changes (via File->Save Changes)
Some favorites created by EdgeManage don't have associated favorite icons
EdgeManage does not accommodate favorite icons during imports from Internet Explorer or during a manual "add new" operation. These favorite icons will eventually repopulate on their own after visiting the sites from within Edge. You can use the "Utilities->Generate Icons" menu to attempt to automatically generate all missing favorite icons.
Is there an update notification system?
No, users are encouraged to use the "Help->Check for updates" menu to see if there is an update available.
EdgeManage runs very slowly
EdgeManage does require a lot of memory, so I'd recommend that you close all other applications in order to free up more memory. If you have thousands of favorites, then yes... it may take more than just a few seconds to Load (and Save)
How do I changes some of the configuration settings
Take a look at this article How to Configure EdgeManage Settings
I get a message saying that the program doesn't support my version of Windows
EdgeManage only works with Windows 10.0.10586 or higher. If your PC has a lower number, that means that it doesn't have the "November Update". If so, then I'd recommend that you manually install the Windows update.

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