How to have Duplicate Favorites and Folders


By default, Microsoft Edge will not allow you to have two favorites that point to the exact same website. I'm not sure what the rationale is… but clearly this is by design.

So, if you like to have a favorites in multiple locations, perhaps in both the vertical favorites pane and in the horizontal favorites bar, this feature will be annoying. Attempts to save an existing favorite to another location will result in a "move" operation... and not a "copy" operation.

Also, since Internet Explorer did not have this restriction, when you import your favorites into Edge, you might notice that a few favorites are missing (because they were duplicates).


So, the solution is to create another favorite but add a harmless "HTML fragment" on the end of the URL. This will make the two URLs appear different from each other.


If you wanted to have more than 2 duplicates, you could add:

Note: the actual text of the "fragment" is not relevant

Step by Step:

  1. Click on the favorite you want to "clone" to launch that website
  2. Edit the URL in the address bar to add "#dup" at the end
  3. Click the "star" icon to save this favorite
  4. Pick a name and folder location
  5. Click on the "add" button

Note: You can use EdgeManage (starting at version 2.2.0) to copy favorites. This version of EdgeManage automatically performs the steps as described here.